How we broke Women's fitness apparel brand supply chain and added 7-figures from Klaviyo

An online retailer based in the United States selling women’s fitness apparel and accessories. They are focused on producing quality, effective, and innovative wear for active women. They are dedicated to producing stylish and high quality clothes at an accessible price. They want to inspire women to stay active and healthy and also feel good when wearing active clothes.

The Goal

Besides having a trickle of sales in late July/early August, they had a hiatus for around 3 months when they were  restructuring their business and having their website redesigned. Once that was done, they wanted a trusted partner who can scale their business to new heights. They also wanted to further improve their conversion rate and average order value.

The Strategy

Firstly, we wanted to focus on their Shopify store and get everything right there. We wanted to maximize the conversion rate while improving the user experience and the upsell process. Next, we’ve deployed our Facebook ads testing and scaling strategy while setting up our proven Klaviyo flows for maximum results.

Facebook Ads

They got a good portion of their sales in the past from influencers and organic traffic plus they were also running Facebook ads (but they were stuck because ROAS always tanked when they tried to increase the spend).

We also had a session with the client where we explained the strategy around creatives which they were really fast to implement (really important if you want to scale).

After cleaning the account and creating all necessary audiences, we went ahead and deployed our proven Facebook ads strategy that has been crushing it for our other clients.

The result? Their sales exploded and they sold out! They never saw anything like that and their problems went from worrying about starting to sell enough to cover all the expenses to frantically producing enough items so they can keep up with the demand.

shopify facebook ads

Client’s reaction on Whatsapp.

Klaviyo Email Marketing

Like many eCommerce brands, they didn’t focus too much on email. Their “strategy” was emailing their list of customers once every two weeks or so with new products or some kind of promotion. After talking with them and explaining what they are missing, they agreed that we move them to Klaviyo and start implementing ASAP.

We improved their email capture and started to build a big list of leads that we then nurtured and converted into sales. After starting them with a new customer and abandon cart flows, we identified some trends and devised other campaigns. This boosted their customer LTV which significantly increased their profit margins.

In the first month alone, our Klaviyo email flows brought in 23% of their entire revenue, cashing in $175,226.

shopify email marketing agency

Conversion Rate Optimization

One of the first things that we look at when we take on a new client is their store, UX, and conversion rate. If you are running ads to a badly designed store with a low conversion rate, you are just flushing down the money.

Our CRO team is trained in the psychology of how people interact with eCommerce stores and they understand how to drive their behavior. The client wanted to fix gaps in their UX and increase the conversion rate before launching new marketing efforts to ensure they weren’t losing potential customers.

Our CRO efforts have increased brand perception, conversion rate by 39%, and average order value by 32%.



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