Scaling an eCommerce brand from $2.87M/year to $1M+/month in only 7 months

A health & fitness brand based in the US that is working in a health industry for more than a decade. Their products are backed by actual research and studies.

They are coming out with innovative products that are far superior to their competitor products. Because of that, they have a very loyal fan base that is raving about great results that they are getting from using the products.

The Goal

This brand came out with the product several years ago and while they had decent results, they were stuck at the $2.87M/year mark. They wanted to optimize their Facebook and Google ads for greater ROAS while scaling the ad spend and keeping the CPA within the desired range.

They also wanted us to audit their past and current efforts and identify holes in the current marketing and come up with opportunities for future growth.

The Strategy

Appex Media designed a custom marketing solution that united the brand recognition and targeted direct response advertising with optimal funnel performance. We’ve deployed an omnichannel marketing approach, combining it with right creatives and specific ad scaling strategies.


Facebook Ads

They had an inexperienced in-house Facebook marketer who was stuck at spending a limited budget and was unable to scale. They also didn’t have any testing strategy, and the overall campaign structure was a mess.

Our lead Facebook media buyer began with a deep dive into their analytics, trying to identify the most effective strategy going forward. He discovered many missed opportunities to expand top-of-funnel ads and reach new audiences while completely restructuring their ad account for success at the same time.

One of the most important elements when it comes to media buying on Facebook are creatives. We’ve regularly consulted with the client, advising them on what types of videos to create and how to script them for each phase of the funnel.

We had to request ad spend limit increase several times and we were able to take them to 6 figure monthly ad spend while maintaining high ROAS.


FB support limit

Google AdWords

When it came to paid Google ads, our SEM experts first cleaned up their ad account because their in-house media buyer was trying to run some ads but with poor success. Client also had very strict CPA targets and in those situations scaling can be a challenge. However, we’ve achieved astonishing results after launching tested search, display, and video campaigns.

They saw their cost per acquisition plummet to all time lows while ROAS skyrocketed to 2360%.

ecommerce adwords strategy

Klaviyo Email Marketing

Our mission with their email marketing was to grow the email list, help build brand recognition, and educate potential customers while increasing revenue share of email.

After identifying areas that could be improved, we moved them to Klaviyo and developed a strong 30-60-90 day strategy. By building our our proven set of flows, regularly cleaning their email list from disengaged users, and keeping a close eye on deliverability, we were able to get their email to be a huge revenue driver, bringing 37% of the entire revenue, equaling to $317,000+/month.

ecommerce klaviyo agency

Conversion Rate Optimization & Copywriting

CRO provides the highest return on investment when to compared to anything else. Our user experience (UX) architect has evaluated their Shopify website against established usability principles, best-in-class practices, and current trends. He uncovered major and minor UX issues and huge opportunities for improvement while giving focus to overall user experience, engagement, and conversions.

Our lead copywriter re-wrote a lot of the existing copy while focusing on triggering emotions and overcoming objections on the main sales page.



  Facebook ads revenue


  Google Ads ROAS


  Of revenue from email


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